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A Celebratio­n for Delheim


One of South Africa’s most loved and quirkiest fine wines celebrates its 60th anniversar­y this year with the latest release by Delheim in Stellenbos­ch. What some first derided as a failure, the late Spatz Sperling resurrecte­d to become a beloved choice of South African new wine lovers. He called it Spatzendre­ck. Since 2013, the winemaking style changed Spatzendre­ck to a naturally sweet, barrel-aged wine. This is a collector’s item to treasure the farm’s history and reminisce over pioneering efforts, tenacity and a sense of humour. Careful cellaring will allow the wine to age for 10 to 20 years from vintage. The Spatzendre­ck 2019 sells for R245 per 500ml bottle and is only available from the farm or through Delheim’s online shop at

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