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1. Bulk­ing or def­i­ni­tion? I’m at that point in my ca­reer where I don’t want to push my body to a place where it be­comes un­healthy. So for me, con­di­tion­ing is bet­ter. I’ve at­tained enough size. 2. Gym pet peeves? When peo­ple want to have long chats in-be­tween a set. I don’t want to spend my life at the gym, I want to get in and get out. I also can’t ex­plain to some­one in five min­utes how to achieve some­thing I’ve worked on for over 20 years. If they’re se­ri­ous, I’ll give them my num­ber and we’ll work some­thing out that’s tai­lored to their body – my pro­gramme is tai­lored to my body, it won’t work for other peo­ple.

3. Your least favourite stereo­type about body­build­ing?

When peo­ple look at me and say, “Ja, one day when you stop train­ing all that mus­cle is go­ing to turn to fat.” All I can do is laugh. And it’s usu­ally some guy with a boep say­ing it. A mus­cle cell can­not turn into a fat cell, that’s ba­sic science. What re­ally hap­pens when you stop train­ing is that the mus­cle cells start to shrink. And if you’re go­ing to eat crap and not train, then your fat cells will in­crease.

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