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Tea bush ( Lep­tosper­mum sco­par­ium) This de­light­ful fine-leafed ev­er­green shrub has pretty, frilly sin­gle or dou­ble flow­ers in pink, red or white. ‘Cherry Brandy’ (pic­tured) is a com­pact, rounded 1m-high bush with dark fo­liage.

The low­down: Plant in well-drained, prefer­ably acidic soil. It dis­likes hu­mid­ity. Keep an eye out for scale. It’s half-hardy and wind tol­er­ant.

Height: 1–3m.

Ja­panese flow­er­ing quince ( Chaenome­les japon­ica)

Its sin­gle or dou­ble, deep red, or­ange red or white blos­soms ap­pear on thorny stems.

The low­down: Sun lov­ing, it can take dry pe­ri­ods, but doesn’t per­form well in sub­trop­ics.

Height: 1–2m.

Sweet pea bush ( Po­da­lyria ca­lyp­trata) This in­dige­nous ev­er­green shrub or small tree from the West­ern Cape will de­light with its sil­very leaves and large, showy, mauve-pink, pea-like flow­ers that at­tract bees.

The low­down: Plant in well-drained, com­posted, prefer­ably slightly acid soil. Height: 2–4m.

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