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While in the gar­den prun­ing and trans­plant­ing roses, I no­ticed one had a strange clump on the stem. It’s hard and firmly at­tached. I couldn’t find any­thing on­line, could Gar­den and Home per­haps help?

Lee Bedser

We asked Lud­wig Taschner of Lud­wig’s Roses for his ad­vice. “It could be crown gall, a bac­te­rial in­fec­tion that af­fects many plants in­clud­ing roses. A woody tu­mour-like growth grows near the soil line, on the bud union or on the roots. As the dis­ease pro­gresses the growth dark­ens, the plant loses vigour and may even­tu­ally die. It could af­fect other roses so don’t take a chance. Burn it and dis­in­fect your cut­ting tools.”

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