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Mulch straw­ber­ries with com­post once the fruit has been har­vested; feed with 2:3:2 or 2:3:4 to stim­u­late growth.

Feed cit­rus trees with 3:1:5 or sim­i­lar fer­tiliser. If the leaves are yel­low­ing, sprin­kle Ep­som salts around the drip line and fo­liar feed with trace el­e­ments.

Har­vest beans ev­ery few days to stim­u­late pro­duc­tion. Feed with 6:3:4 fer­tiliser. Sow seeds of an­other batch of bush beans.

If shop-bought sweet pota­toes have

started grow­ing shoots (pic­tured), plant them out in a sunny spot, or con­tainer where they can spread.

Wa­ter toma­toes early in the morn­ing so they can dry off be­fore night­fall to min­imise out­breaks of blight. This also re­duces the risk of mildew on cu­cum­bers, squash and pump­kins.

Once the flow­ers on pota­toes have faded, har­vest baby pota­toes or leave them a while longer if you want large tu­bers.

To catch fruit flies on cu­cum­bers, mar­rows, mel­ons, pump­kins and fruit trees, place half a glass of ap­ple cider vine­gar mixed with two drops of green dish­wash­ing liq­uid among the leaves.

Keep grapes well-wa­tered as the fruit swells.

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