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Rose pelargo­nium It likes a sunny po­si­tion with well-drained soil. In spring, trim it back to en­cour­age new leafy growth. It’s drought tol­er­ant but won’t en­dure se­vere frosts. To en­sure its sur­vival, take cut­tings to­wards the end of sum­mer and pot them up.

Clary sage This peren­nial, na­tive to the Mediter­ranean, grows about a me­tre tall. It likes well-drained soil and plenty of sun. It of­ten dies back af­ter f low­er­ing, but is eas­ily prop­a­gated from saved seed.

Laven­der This hardy peren­nial likes full sun and is drought tol­er­ant. It f low­ers nearly all year round, at­tract­ing many ben­e­fi­cial in­sects with its fra­grant pur­ple spears. Prune in early spring and cut f low­ers reg­u­larly to keep it pro­duc­ing.

Lemon ver­bena Planted in full sun it eas­ily grows up to two me­tres tall in one sea­son. For a bushier shrub, cut off the top of the main stem to en­cour­age side sprout­ing. It likes well-drained soil and is quite drought re­sis­tant. Semi-hardy, it can die back in frost spells. Give it a se­vere prun­ing in early spring af­ter the last dan­ger of frost has passed.


Laven­der, from which a mid note oil can be made, is calm­ing and sooth­ing.

Lemon ver­bena’s cit­rus scent pro­vides an uplift­ing top note.

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