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Sow seed of an­nual cut-and-come-again or quick-ma­tur­ing leafy herbs like co­rian­der, rocket and cress. Chill pars­ley seed be­fore sow­ing.

Grow baby toma­toes (above) as they are very re­ward­ing and pro­lific. Feed them as well as aubergines, pep­pers and chill­ies.

Try plant­ing straw­ber­ries in hang­ing bas­kets.

Plant fen­nel and dill but well away from each other. They’ll at­tract bees and add tex­ture with their feath­ery fo­liage.

Dig broad beans into the ground or add them to your com­post; they’ll en­rich the soil with ni­tro­gen, which ben­e­fits leafy vegeta­bles like Swiss chard, cab­bages and broc­coli.

Put up a te­pee or net­ting for climb­ing beans, or in­ter­plant with sun­flow­ers or sweet corn which will pro­vide sup­port. Gem squash can also be trained along a sup­port. Keep citrus trees well-wa­tered.

Put out sugar bait for fruit fly near baby mar­row, patty pans, but­ter­nuts, gem squash and pump­kins. See page 105 for home-made in­sect traps.

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