Cre­ate a wa­ter-wise gar­den with th­ese win­ners

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Suc­cu­lents come in a wide range of shapes, tex­tures, forms and colours. They can be com­bined in dif­fer­ent ways to cre­ate vis­ually pleas­ing ef­fects whether in con­tain­ers or the gar­den. Easy to cul­ti­vate and prop­a­gate, fun to col­lect and ex­change with friends, suc­cu­lents are a great way to turn gar­den­ing dis­ad­van­tages such as drought, shal­low soil, nu­tri­ent-poor soil and lack of time into plusses such as hardy, no fuss, wa­ter wise, low-main­te­nance and on trend.

Choos­ing plants

Be­gin by choos­ing ac­cent or fo­cal fea­ture plants first. Th­ese should be large, tall, spiky and dra­mat­i­cally dif­fer­ent from the oth­ers. Good ac­cent plants in­clude yuc­cas, cy­cads, aloes, Euphorbia tiru­calli and agaves. To add depth and in­ter­est, in­ter­plant with fine, medium and coarsely tex­tured va­ri­eties. Fine tex­ture: Cras­sula mul­ti­cava, C. roger­sii, Se­dum spp. Delosperma echi­na­tum and ruschia.

Medium tex­ture: Senecio fi­coides,

Kalan­choe sexan­gu­laris, Por­tu­lacaria afra, Senecio scapo­sus, ebracte­ola, aloinop­sis, Cras­sula capitella ‘Camp­fire’ and Se­dum nuss­baume­ri­anum.

Large tex­ture: San­se­vieria hah­nii and

S. tri­fas­ci­ata.

Coarse tex­ture: Cote­ly­dons such as Cotyle­don or­bic­u­lata, Kalan­choe sexan­gu­laris, K. thyr­si­flora, Echev­e­ria ‘Red Tip’, E. im­bri­cata, Aeo­nium ar­boreum ‘Zwartkop’, Senecio ser­pens and S. bar­ber­ton­i­cus.

Colour: The range of colours is also ex­ten­sive so in­clude plants with at­trac­tive hues such as red Kalan­choe sexan­gu­laris, Cras­sula ‘Camp­fire’, Echev­e­ria ‘Fire and Ice’ and E. ‘Fred Yves’, blue-grey Senecio scapo­sus and

S. fi­coides, blue Echev­e­ria se­cunda, black­roset­ted Aeo­nium ar­boreum ‘ Zwartkop’ lime-green Se­dum an­gelina, deep-green Senecio bar­ber­ton­i­cus, yel­low Se­dum nuss­baume­ri­anum and chalky pur­ple Echev­e­ria ‘After­glow’.


A ta­pes­try of suc­cu­lent forms, tex­tures and colours.

San­se­vieria tri­fas­ci­ata

Por­tu­lacaria afra

Aeo­nium ar­boreum ‘Zwartkop’

Kalan­choe sexan­gu­laris

Cras­sula mul­ti­cava

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