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Land­sca­per David Viljoen of Mer­cury De­signs has this ad­vice for plant­ing up a con­tainer

To en­sure healthy plants, the con­tainer must have drainage holes for ex­cess wa­ter to drain away. Add a few peb­bles or small stones in the bot­tom to pre­vent these holes from be­com­ing blocked. If pos­si­ble, place con­tain­ers on pot sup­ports so they are slightly off the ground.

As plants need air and wa­ter at root level, al­ways use a grow­ing medium that holds both, such as a good qual­ity pot­ting soil. Don’t use gar­den soil as this be­comes com­pacted in a con­tainer.

When wa­ter­ing, make sure the pot­ting soil is moist, but not con­stantly sat­u­rated as wa­ter dis­places air and roots can eas­ily rot in its ab­sence.

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