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(Serves 6)

1 pun­net cherry toma­toes

1T bal­samic vine­gar

2½ cups chickpea flour

1t salt

7T olive oil

2T Parme­san cheese (op­tional)

½t freshly ground black pep­per, or to taste

2 cups wa­ter

4 small chorizo sausages

(or 1 large)

2 cups fresh baby spinach leaves

1 packet blue cheese, crum­bled

1. Pre­heat the oven to 180°C. 2. Put the cherry toma­toes in a small roast­ing pan, pour over the bal­samic vine­gar and roast and set aside.

3. In a bowl, whisk the chickpea flour to­gether with the salt, 3 ta­ble­spoons olive oil, the Parme­san cheese, if us­ing, and a gen­er­ous amount of ground black pep­per.

4. Whisk in 1¾ cups of wa­ter un­til well mixed. Set aside for about a half hour for the flour to ab­sorb some of the wa­ter.

5. Re­move the cas­ings from the sausages and roughly chop the meat.

6. Cook in a skil­let un­til well browned then place the meat on a plate lined with pa­per tow­els to cool.

7. Place the re­main­ing olive oil in a large pizza pan and heat in the pre­heated oven un­til very hot.

8. Stir more wa­ter into the bat­ter if nec­es­sary, so it’s just thin enough to pour. Care­fully re­move the hot pizza pan from the oven and pour in the bat­ter. It should make a thin layer (about 3cm). Bake un­til it’s golden and crispy (about 8–10 min­utes).

9. Re­move from the oven and top with baby spinach, roasted cherry toma­toes, cooked sausage meat and crum­bled blue cheese. Re­turn to the oven for a few min­utes un­til the blue cheese starts to melt and the spinach is just wilt­ing.

10. Cut into pieces and serve.

COOK’S NOTE You can use a smaller pan to make a thicker f lat­bread, which will need a slightly longer bak­ing time.

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