It ’ s not colour, but class in Jozi

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MINNIE Dlamini and Boitumelo Thulo are all smiles in a picture taken on the set of Rockville, the new Mzansi Magic television drama series in which they star as twins.

The two play twins who don’t get along at all.

Thulo says her character, Mpho, also doesn’t get along with their mother, played by Bonnie Henna.

This is her first major acting role Thulo says.

“I can now honestly call myself an actress,” she says, adding that Connie Ferguson, who stars in and also produces with her husband Shona Ferguson, is her role model.

“I look up to her. She’s been around for so long and yet she remains humble. She’s also beautiful and ages gracefully,” Thulo says.

This is the second time that Dlamini, who plays Nosipho, is working with the Fergusons. She played Connie’s daughter in

Mnet’s defunct soapie. “It was great working with the Fergs as both actors and producers on the show,” she says.

Shona plays the father of the twins in

“It inspires me to look at myself not just as an actress. There are many hats to wear in this industry,” Dlamini says.

explores two classes of black South Africans. One is a working class family living in Soweto and the other is a middleclas­s, BEE family living Johannesbu­rg’s northern suburbs.

These two worlds are brought together by the melting pot of Jozi ’ s nightlife.

The twins come from the rich family.

Mbali Mlotshwa, around whom the plot revolves, plays Connie’s daughter.

Thulo says that their sibling rivalry should not be read as art imitating life. She and Dlamini have often been pitted against each other.

It has been reported that the two who look alike and could have been separated at birth, don’t get along. Thulo was quoted in a magazine lamenting her loss of the role in

to Dlamini. “It’s not comparable. It’s sisterhood rivalry between two fictional characters. Minnie and I do get along,” Thulo says.

Her feelings are echoed by Dlamini, who despite not saying much about their real-life relationsh­ip, says working with Thulo was a lot of fun.

“It was cool having someone my own age on set. It’s not about the person, but about the characters they portray, ” she says.

The experience was useful for Dlamini. “was shot in a very fast-paced, high-energy format. was no different. So the experience from equipped me perfectly. Like Wild , has an all- star cast, which requires a 110% mance,” she says.

Others in the cast include Henna, Trevor Gumbi and Gail Nkoane.

Of course, many will tune in to see if art will imitate life when it comes to the fights between the twins.

hits our small screens on Wednesday, 19 June at 7pm on Mzansi Magic.


 ??  ?? ALL TOGETHER: The all-star cast of a new television series Rockville that explores lives of two families from different classes PHOTO: SUPPLIED
ALL TOGETHER: The all-star cast of a new television series Rockville that explores lives of two families from different classes PHOTO: SUPPLIED
 ??  ?? ONE TWIN: Boitumelo Thulo
ONE TWIN: Boitumelo Thulo

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