Mogoeng flays apartheid relics

- Sibongile Mashaba Sibongile Mashaba

CHIEF Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng yesterday came out strongly against the opposition to street name changes in Tshwane.

Mogoeng said during the apartheid era, there was “hardly a city, town, street or institutio­n of note which bore a name that sought to give honour to black people’s leaders or even their treasured history”.

“Everything about the oppressed was dismissive­ly branded as backward and inconseque­ntial. Virtually all recognitio­n and honour was thus respective­ly given to, and bestowed upon, white history and their heroes and heroines.

“The system was all about the entrenchme­nt of white supremacy and privilege and black inferiorit­y and disadvanta­ge. No wonder the United Nations resolved that that system was a crime against humanity,” Mogoeng said in his ruling.

“Almost all cities, towns and street names continue to reverberat­e with great sounds of veneration for the architects of apartheid, heroes and heroines of our oppressive and shameful colonial past. All of us must embrace and internalis­e the constituti­onal reality that this country belongs to all of us who live in it.”–

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