Mangciphu’s wine passion still going strong


Soweto-born businessma­n Mnikelo Mangciphu launched the Soweto Wine Festival.

He also opened the first wine speciality store – Morara Wine Emporium – in Soweto in 2005.

What has been the most fulfilling result after 11 years?

Firstly, it was to see males being proud of drinking wine and, secondly, it’s the tangible growth in wine consumptio­n.

What makes wine special?

Wine offers you knowledge. It teaches you etiquette, influences behaviour positively and, to a certain extent, contribute­s to responsibl­e drinking.

What inspired your passion?

It was admiration for the lifestyle and people associated with wine.

What is the most expensive wine you have ever enjoyed?

Columella by Sadie Family.

Did you suffer buyer’s remorse after splurging on the wine?

No way, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What are your favourite white and red grape varietals?

Give me a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc on a hot summer day and you’ll be my friend forever. They say cabernet sauvignon resonates with masculinit­y, but I say it is a fabulous varietal.

Which is the most memorable wine destinatio­n so far?

Franschoek’s La Motte wine estate, a beautiful place to visit.

What is the most embarrassi­ng incident involving wine you have experience­d or witnessed?

I was attending the graduation ceremony of Cape Wine Masters in Stellenbos­ch wearing a “spier wit” linen shirt. So many people were anxious to meet me. I was so nervous because everybody around me was white. I tried to calm myself down with a good glass of red wine, but the wine ended up on my shirt.

 ?? / PIC FRONTPAGEP­IX ?? Mnikelo Mangciphu runs the Morara Wine Emporium.
/ PIC FRONTPAGEP­IX Mnikelo Mangciphu runs the Morara Wine Emporium.

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