Your Stars


Aries March 21 — April 19

An easy-come and easy-go attitude is recommende­d, as it will enable you to accept the good along with the bad during this uneven term. The important thing is to stay on schedule by bringing the unexpected into line with your schemes.

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Taurus April 20 — May 20

Be wary of the current trend as it is will not favour your chances or desires with regard to outside activities. Whatever progress you are able to register during this discomfiti­ng session, will be churned out against difficult odds. PHONE 083-914-0502 – SMS TAU to 34703

Gemini May 21 — June 20

This ambit may start off well but the atmosphere could change if a friend has much to do with it. Things will certainly not stay the same if you allow that person to get away with a bad temper born of outright jealousy or selfishnes­s.

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Cancer June 21 — July 22

Just when you are ready to strike out anew with personal plans, you are stymied by a call for assistance from someone whom you dare not refuse. Your aims will have to take a back seat for a while, but that is what fate now decrees. PHONE 083-914-0504 – SMS CAN to 34703

Leo July 23 — Aug 22

Your current inclinatio­n to be a bit short-tempered and to take the reactions of others too personally could create all sorts of problems; might set you up for a string of setbacks in your personal world and your external activities. PHONE 083-914-0505 – SMS LEO to 34703

Virgo Aug 23 — Sep 22

Although you are probably ready to change direction, you might have to fulfil certain obligation­s before you can move ahead. Assuming that you are currently motivated by money, take care not to fall into what could become a costly trap. PHONE 083-914-0506 – SMS VIR to 34703

Libra Sep 23 — Oct 22

Worry could wear you out if you allow it to obtain too strong and insistent a grip upon your mind. With one particular problem blocking your current aim, you obviously need to play a trick shot. In other words, go for a bold gambit. PHONE 083-914-0507 – SMS LIB to 34703

Scorpio Oct 23 — Nov 21

Anticipate a negative interim in which conditions deteriorat­e betwixt you and some of your relatives. Although participat­ing in a showdown is decidedly unpleasant, you will have no alternativ­e to challengin­g what is said and proposed. PHONE 083-914-0508 – SMS SCO to 34703

Sagittariu­s Nov 22 — Dec 21

A decidedly negative atmosphere could thwart your hopes for this session; may thrust you into an awkward situation by making you subject to exploitati­on by a person who has dominance over you - unless you resolve to end the situation.

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Capricorn Dec 22 — Jan 19

Give yourself extra care and attention on a precaution­ary basis, as this is an unsettled period for matters of health and wellbeing. You will complete your work assignment­s only with great difficulty if your nerves get into a jumble. PHONE 083-914-0510 – SMS CAP to 34703

Aquarius Jan 20 — Feb 18

Emotional intensity is apparent now. Moodiness may envelop you in response to the sensitive or touchy nature of another in your vicinity. As you are pretty impression­able, you may also be vulnerable, and should withdraw from the fray. PHONE 083-914-0511 – SMS AQU to 34703

Pisces Feb 19 — Mar 20

All that lies behind should be left behind as you reach an important juncture in your journey through life. You might stumble if you cast backward glances, and ought to get on with realising your potential and cherished aspiration­s. PHONE 083-914-0512 – SMS PIS to 34703

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