Amanda Black chats about ‘Kutheni Na’ hit

Song reveals her feelings about the coronaviru­s

- By Deepika Naidoo

Singer-songwriter Amanda Black has made a return to the limelight with her single Kutheni Na featuring Kwesta on her upcoming album Mnyama, and the star told Sowetan’s sister publicatio­n TshisaLIVE what she has been up to during her hiatus.

Since the success of her album Power, Amanda has signalled her comeback to our playlists with Kutheni Na.

The star said she held award-winning musician Kwesta in high regard, especially after working with him. The pair even had a hilarious moment when they first met.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Kwesta, I have always revered him. I remember when I met him in 2016 and he was so chilled. I think Amazulu was out for about a month and he was so cool.

“Even when he introduced himself, he was like, ‘hi my name is Senzo’, and I was like, ‘who is Senzo? Oh, Kwesta! that’s your real name’. Ever since then when we bump into each other, he has always been supportive.

“When I sent him the song, he was like this song is beautiful, and he relates to it and he can’t wait to put his own story to it,” said Amanda.

Chatting about where the song came from, the star said that months into the pandemic she was struggling with a mental block when it came to making music. She also had concerns about her finances after the devastatin­g knock of the pandemic. While writing the song, she said she found comfort in listening to her inner voice and how she felt about the world at the moment – leading her to express her feelings about the coronaviru­s outbreak through her song.

“The pandemic hasn’t really given a chance for you to run away from yourself because most of the time, you are by yourself. So, in those moments, I really found solace in talking to myself and being OK with not being OK. I was anxious all the time, and I sort of found a way to speak about how I felt,” she said.

 ?? /SUPPLIED ?? Amanda Black is back and ready to deliver with her new album ‘Mnyama’.
/SUPPLIED Amanda Black is back and ready to deliver with her new album ‘Mnyama’.

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