CT’s ‘most wanted’ owe trendy bar big

One customer owes R224k spent on drinks

- By Phathu Luvhengo

A Cape Town entertainm­ent venue is naming and shaming customers who have run up huge tabs on credit, in a bid to recoup money due to it.

A warning on social media at the weekend to its errant clients prompted some to come forward to settle their bills, while others are calling to make payment arrangemen­ts, a Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge manager told TimesLIVE. This as the venue started publishing the faces of its “most wanted” on social media. Those who have not yet paid up have been given an extension until tomorrow.

The manager, who asked not to be named, said they had reached a point of desperatio­n because some customers owed them for six months or longer.

“This is a business we are running and people owe us money – how do you expect the business to operate?

“It’s the big guys, they want to show off. They drive expensive cars. They want to show people that they have money but they can’t pay their bills.”

He said other clubs would be wise not to extend credit to these chronic defaulters.

“We are warning others so they know what is going on, so that they don’t fall into the same trap.”

Of the “most wanted” customers, one owes R224,000 while others owe amounts of about R150,000, R110,000 and R90,000.

“We have been following up on the bills, calling and asking them to pay and getting only empty promises.

“[The total] I can’t even mention, it is a lot of money.

“It has affected the business because at the end of the day I have to pay staff, and right now the club is being renovated,” he said, adding the company doing the renovation­s is expecting payments. “We also need to pay taxes and services. That’s a lot going on.”

The club thanked those who in the past day paid their tabs in full, paid a portion of the debt or reached out to make arrangemen­ts. Those who have not settled their bills by tomorrow have been warned to face the consequenc­es, which include naming and shaming.

In its notice on Twitter, the club said: “We have many expenses and responsibi­lities and your failure to make payment has affected our business and many families.

“We have a duty to pay suppliers, staff, artists, talents, agents, attorneys, the city of Cape Town, government and contractor­s. They too have expenses and responsibi­lities. Same with the people they need to pay too.”

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