We are haunted by the evil of racism


It is indeed tragic that we as South Africans who fought valiantly to erase racial discrimina­tion from our lives, continue to hurl racist terminolog­y at one another.

Racism in SA has destroyed many people of all races. While we pontificat­e about the divisions and disunity that race and racism cause, these divisions will continue for another few generation­s.

Our rainbow nation is awash with racists of every colour and creed. It is a painful reminder that racism still dominates South African society. Whatever detour racism follows, the ultimate goal is dominance. Such dregs of our society should not find any abode in a progressiv­ely advancing society.

Never before have we seen such racial animosity throughout the world.

Racism is a socially constructe­d disease of the mind that is caused by a specific form of ignorance.

Our pursuit of a non-racial society has never ended, nor would it be retarded by racists who prey on helpless communitie­s who rarely question venomous messages.

Across the globe we suffer from irrational behaviour due to racist practices that have persisted for too long in vile and negative ways. The spectre of racism has come to haunt us. Racism is evil, and those who partake in it are colluding with the devil.

Racism has over the past 75 years in SA left its brutal legacy embedded in our collective memory. Human lives have been sacrificed, friendship and kinships have burst asunder.

Farouk Araie, Actonville, Benoni

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