US, China leaders meet at right time


The timing of the meeting between presidents Joe Biden of US and Xi Jinping of China is very opportune.

They are currently the undisputed leaders of the West and the East, and both have just been reaffirmed as successful leaders in their respective countries. That will strengthen their hands in the discussion­s.

Their meeting takes place against the background of a climate crisis and a war with a huge negative impact on the global economy and world peace.

The two leaders need each other; Biden is a team player and he has a brilliant team that advises him and surely keeps him well-informed.

He is accompanie­d by Antony Blinken, his highly regarded foreign minister. In Beijing he has Nicholas Burns, a very experience­d diplomat as

US ambassador to China. Burns and I served together in Athens, Greece, as ambassador­s for our respective countries and interacted closely on aspects relating to the aftermath of the Nato attacks on the then Yugoslavia.

He is intelligen­t, balanced in his approach and highly regarded.

I have no doubt that his influence would be felt in a constructi­ve and positive sense in the US approach towards the discussion­s.

The meeting between Biden and Jinping could not take place at a more opportune time. I expect some common ground will be found in terms of important global issues such as Ukraine, climate change and the global economy. The timing of such meetings is as important as the agenda itself. Dawie Jacobs, Sterrewag, Pretoria

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