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What kind of day will tomorrow be? Find out what the stars forecast under your sign Aries March 21 — April 21

You might have some strong opinions, but it doesn't mean that they're always worth sharing. It might be better to listen and learn for now.

Taurus April 21 — May 21

Don't be too quick to spend money. If you see something you like, let the excitement cool off a bit, and then see if you still want it.

Gemini May 21 — June 22

Try to exercise some care in what you say or do today. Avoid stirring up unnecessar­y drama.

Cancer June 22 — July 23

You need some free time. What can you do to ensure that you have some today?

Leo July 23 — Aug 24

Exercise some patience today. It will keep you from doing something unwise or needlessly risky.

Virgo Aug 24 — Sept 23

You might be going back and forth with yourself about something. Talk to someone that can help you sort things out.

Libra Sept 23 — Oct 23

A plan won't come together before it's ready. Take baby steps. You'll reach the finish line in time.

Scorpio Oct 23 Nov 23

Do what you can to prioritize yourself today. Either delegate or let others handle their own stuff.

Sagittariu­s Nov 23 — Dec 22

People might be quite annoying today. Though, you don't have to take it upon yourself to correct them or put them in their place if it's not really necessary.

Capricorn Dec 22 — Jan 21

Taking time out to meditate, rest or indulge in something entertaini­ng can all be great ways to decompress.

Aquarius Jan 21 — Feb 20

Today, do something kind or thoughtful for someone. It will make you feel good, too.

Pisces Feb 20 — Mar 21

A home or family-related matter could be distractin­g today. Try not to let it derail you from doing what you need to do for you. Your resourcefu­lness will save the day.

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