We can’t afford a pitbull pandemic

- Melato Mphahlele, email

Life is a precious gift from God that only comes once. It is this “comes once” that makes it so valuable that people can do anything to protect it and make sure we do not lose it easily.

We have been losing young lives because of pitbull dogs and this matter needs to be dealt with immediatel­y because we cannot normalise losing our kids because of dogs.

Pitbulls are a danger to all of us, young and old. People are scared of them. Pitbulls are a danger to society.

How many graves are still to be dug because a dog decided to feed itself a human body? Something needs to be done urgently. Pitbull ownership must be regulated.

People must get a licence to own one so they can be charged when found not taking good care of it and leaving it lingering around the streets. Pitbulls are a threat to our lives. They must be regulated or their ownership be suspended.

If you do not have a proper yard and cannot afford to take care of it, surrender it to the SPCA. People are angry because of these animals and some have resorted to taking its life when they see it. Who can blame them? They are fed up.

After Covid-19, we cannot afford to have another pandemic in the name of pitbulls. The government must regulate or suspend ownership of these kinds of animals. Re lapile ka dipitbulls!

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