African teams need confidence at World Cup


I couldn’t watch the Tunisia vs Denmark match due to loadsheddi­ng. When I turned on the radio, the match had just ended in a goalless draw. The celebratio­n and excitement of the Tunisians was loud and jubilant. One would have thought Tunisia had not only just beaten Denmark, but had just won the World Cup. In another match, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina. I learnt that the victorious country has declared a public holiday to celebrate this historic victory.

These two matches show that African countries have started their World Cup campaigns on a high note. We have not even finished the first round stage of the tournament, yet we celebrate as if we have already won the World Cup.

I’m not against celebratio­ns, but I feel that we as Africans still believe we will not win the World Cup unless miracles like the ones above happen; that we just came to Qatar to be curtain raisers.

These victories must instil confidence in all other African countries contesting in this tournament that not only are they capable of beating giants from other continents, but will bring this World Cup to Africa. We cannot afford to be underdogs when we have so many of our African players performing well in European clubs and other continents. Now is the time for Africa to win the World Cup and yes, we can. We need the confidence; we have the skills and talent.

Andy Mukhari, email

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