Pitbulls WhatsApp group reopens

Closure came after Magor’s racist rant

- By Mpho Koka

While the SA Human Rights Commission (HRC) has issued a letter demanding a public apology from Belinda Magor for her racist voice note rant, the WhatsApp group where the clip was shared has remained closed for comments.

On Tuesday, one of the administra­tors said the group would open again on Wednesday after it was closed for more than a week following the racist clip which Magor shared on Monday last week.

“Good day all, due to the voice note and the media, and informatio­n I have, this group will remain closed for today [Tuesday] while I take necessary action with SAPS and [HRC]. If anyone shared the voice clip either from the group or afterwards, I have been advised this is an offence.

“Anyone who has the voice clip is to please not share it any further. If anyone has any posts or informatio­n they want posted on the group, I as admin will post it, as we don’t want to lose the momentum and reason for the group,” said the administra­tor.

The administra­tor said members of the group would be able to send messages from Wednesday.

Magor’s voice note was shared in the WhatsApp group for pitbull owners called “Pitbulls Be My Voice” last week.

Sowetan sister publicatio­n TimesLIVE reported that HRC commission­er advocate Andre Gaum said the organisati­on was not investigat­ing the matter against Magor.

“Instead, it has exercised its discretion to rather send a letter of demand to the respondent,” he said.

“If the demands are not met, the commission may take the matter to the Equality Court.”

Gaum said among its demands were a public apology and he urged those investigat­ing charges against Magor to act swiftly.

“The crimen injuria matter is a criminal matter that should be dealt with effectivel­y and efficientl­y by those with criminal justice mandates – the SAPS, NPA and the court.”

Magor, 60, was arrested on Friday and released the same day on a warning.

Magor was served with a 30day eviction notice on Friday by her landlord after her identity was unveiled by the media.

In the voice note, she could be heard saying black men were “worse than pitbulls”.

“Ban the black man. They rape, steal, and kill. Kill them.”

 ?? ?? Belinda Magor
Belinda Magor

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