Waluś should have been executed


There is no doubt that the release of Janusz Waluś on parole is piercing our hearts like a needle that was first made hot, it pains us. But while pointing a finger on the judiciary, we shouldn’t forget that four fingers are facing at us who were given the mandate to ensure that people like Waluś don’t see the light of the day outside.

In fact, had we not just enjoyed dressing like peacocks and strutting the parliament­ary red carpet than seeing to it that Waluś should not have stayed more than a month enjoying taxpayers’ money, he should have been guillotine­d with all other people who rape and kill with no exception.

Today we shouldn’t be pointing a finger at the judiciary which is doing its work. It is indeed cynical of the ruling party and all its leaders who hurl abusive language at the judiciary. Didn’t you for all this decades foresee that one day this will happen?

Death of a family member, whether poor or rich, famous or not is painful when such death comes through the hand of a man. We have the power to ensure this Waluś saga does not repeat itself and stop grandstand­ing by delegitimi­sing the justice system for our own benefit. Maybe this will knock some sense into us and stop howling. Thirty years is a long time to be undecided about parole for Waluś. Lawrence Makgato, Tzaneen

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