Presidenti­al hopefuls can’t topple CR


Zweli Mkhize, Nkosazana DlaminiZum­a and Lindiwe Sisulu are the three stooges! These three clowns have joined forces aiming to topple President Cyril Ramaphosa but they are bound to fail. Even if they can rope in the chief of looters, they will still fail.

The chief clown has lost his touch, his near-death episode has caused him popularity and influence, especially in the ANC provincial executive committee in KwaZulu-Natal. The only thing that binds these three clowns together is a cancer called hatred.

They hate the man with passion, especially Sisulu, the comrade who not only demeans our constituti­on, she even treats the tourism committee with disdain by her no-shows at its meetings.

Entitlemen­t and arrogance have ruined whatever minor chance she had of at least becoming a deputy president. Humbleness has never been her strong point because she doesn’t know its meaning.

So, no member of the stooge family qualifies for the presidency; none of them is presidenti­al material. If they really aspire to be president, then they must first study the art of following because a good leader is also a good follower. Bushy Green, Kagiso, Mogale City

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