Mission for Netball World Cup excitement

Word of mouth an important marketing tool

- By Athenkosi Tsotsi

Chair of the 2023 Netball World Cup board Patience Shikwamban­a is concerned about the country’s lack of enthusiasm for the netball showpiece, which will be held in Cape Town from July 28 to August 6.

In August, Shikwamban­a stressed that they were slow in marketing the World Cup. It seems like there’s been little to no improvemen­t.

“We have been slow on the issue of mobilisati­on, and we have to move on it,” she said this week.

“I’m going to be very frank, I think the fact that we only announced last year in April and the delays around our operationa­l team delayed us.

“Now we are on track, we have got our tournament director and some of the heads of department within the LOC [local organising committee].

We have just appointed a marketing company, which shows now we are going to move out there and start to mobilise the country to know that the event is coming to South Africa.”

Modern-day tools of marketing can range from social media promotion, video advertisin­g and events among others.

Shikwamban­a believes that one way to get the message of the World Cup across the country is through word of mouth. “Most of us are here in Johannesbu­rg because of work but we come from various provinces. I’m saying when I go home, I must talk about this event, so the people at home know we are going to have this event.

“We need to start talking about where the fan parks are going to be, we must start talking to people about this event.

“We are hoping this December, as people are going to go home to relax; this can be an avenue for us to go out there and talk to people about this event.”

The draw is in East London tonight at 7.30pm.

We must start talking to ‘‘ people about this event

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