P­har­ma­cy heroes sur­vi­ve the rain

Suid-Kaap FORUM - - Voorblad -

RIVERSDALE S­taff mem­bers of Riversdale Hos­pi­tal P­har­ma­cy, as well as a few from ot­her de­part­ments, had a won­der­ful ti­me on F­ri­day 7 Sep­tem­ber, despi­te the rain, to ce­le­bra­te Ca­su­al Day. Ear­lier that mor­ning they thoug­ht a­bout pos­t­po­ning the e­vent, but de­ci­ded they we­re ma­de from toug­her stuff than that (Su­perP­har­ma­cy, and that they wouldn’t dis­sol­ve). The ef­fort was to build te­am spi­rit within the p­har­ma­cy and be­t­ween de­part­ments, but mos­t­ly to rai­se a­wa­re­ness that the p­har­ma­cy is an im­por­tant and un­de­ru­ti­li­sed re­sour­ce in the hos­pi­tal in terms of pro­vi­ding in­for­ma­ti­on and hel­ping pa­tients un­der­stand their me­di­ca­ti­on. “Me­di­ca­ti­on is an ex­pen­si­ve and va­lu­a­ble re­sour­ce, and has a risk/be­ne­fit ra­tio that re­qui­res pro­fes­si­o­nal gui­dan­ce and pa­tient re­spon­si­bi­li­ty from pres­cri­bing through to ta­king the me­di­ca­ti­on,” said Wen­dy Wil­son. They had a big ban­ner and an­noun­ced their pre­sen­ce o­ver a loudspea­ker with fes­ti­ve mu­sic. Be­cau­se of the we­at­her, al­most no one ca­me out of their hou­ses, but look­ing through their win­dows. “We put p­har­ma­cy month pamphlets, which is Sep­tem­ber, in the pos­t­boxes. The big­ge­st at­ten­dan­ce was the school child­ren who we­re on a bre­ak, and rus­hed to the fen­ce as we we­re han­ding out sweets!” One of the hos­pi­tal bak­kies was for col­lecting old and ex­pi­red me­di­ca­ti­on. “Pa­tients tend to pi­le the­se up at ho­me, inste­ad of brin­ging them to the p­har­ma­cy for sa­fe dis­po­sal. We col­lected a few bags of u­nu­sed old and ex­pi­red me­di­ca­ti­on, but not as much as we sus­pect is out the­re. The rain didn’t dam­pen our spi­rits, and we can on­ly go big­ger and bet­ter next y­e­ar!”

From the left are Be­lin­da Wil­lem­se, S­ta­ci-lee Prins, Li­zaan Fe­bru­a­rie (kneeling), El­za­ne Sep­tem­ber, Ma­riet­ta du Toit, Tas­will Koop­man, Wen­dy Wil­son (red hair), A­me­lia Jor­daan and Ma­rit­za Groe­ne­wald.

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