Sup­ple­men­ta­ry ex­ams mo­ve to Ju­ne

Suid-Kaap FORUM - - Voorblad -

From 2019, sup­ple­men­ta­ry ex­ams will no lon­ger ta­ke pla­ce in March but rat­her in Ju­ne, says the Ba­sic E­du­ca­ti­on De­part­ment (DBE). One of the ma­jor re­a­sons for the c­han­ge is through mo­ni­to­ring of the sy­stem. “We ha­ve no­ted that on a­vera­ge a­round 40 000 le­ar­ners who en­rol for sup­ple­men­ta­ry ex­a­mi­na­ti­ons e­very y­e­ar do not turn up to wri­te the ex­a­mi­na­ti­ons,” said the de­part­ment. T­his re­sults in mas­si­ve was­te­ful ex­pen­di­tu­re. The de­part­ment said t­his new sy­stem will al­so gi­ve le­ar­ners e­nough ti­me for re­vi­si­on. T­his will al­so al­low le­ar­ners to the op­por­tu­ni­ty to re­wri­te as ma­ny sub­jects as t­hey want as op­po­sed to the cur­rent two sub­jects al­lo­wed. - SA­

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