SA to ma­nu­fac­tu­re A­fri­ca’s first af­for­da­ble, qua­li­ty smartp­ho­ne

Suid-Kaap FORUM - - Voorblad -

In the wor­ld of smartp­ho­nes, C­hi­na has Hu­a­wei, Ko­rea has Samsung, whi­le the U­ni­ted Sta­tes of A­me­ri­ca has Ap­ple. Long-ti­me dark hor­se A­fri­ca is now ta­king cen­t­re sta­ge with the an­noun­ce­ment of the Ma­ra p­ho­ne pro­ject that is tou­ted to ta­ke the smartp­ho­ne bu­si­ness by storm. De­ve­lo­ped by R­wan­dan bu­si­nes­sman and bil­li­o­nai­re As­hish T­hak­kar, the Ma­ra group at the A­fri­ca In­ves­t­ment Fo­rum an­noun­ced am­bi­ti­ous plans to de­ve­lop ma­nu­fac­tu­ring plants in R­wan­da and in South A­fri­ca. At a me­dia brie­fing at the A­fri­ca In­ves­t­ment Fo­rum in Jo­han­nes­burg, T­hak­kar said the­re we­re furt­her plans to de­ve­lop the p­ho­ne in plants a­cross the con­ti­nent’s fi­ve re­gi­ons. The pho­nes will al­so be ex­por­ted and sold in Eu­ro­pe. The pro­ject is in part­ners­hip with Google.

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