In­fla­ta­ble bo­ats ra­ced in­to the new y­e­ar

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SOUTH CAPE The 2018/19 A­qui­la Sa­fa­ri Trans A­gul­has C­hal­len­ge en­ded in Gor­dons Bay as te­ams ra­ced in­to the New Y­e­ar on 1 Ja­nu­a­ry. With 26 te­ams in four clas­ses, ra­cing a to­tal dis­tan­ce of 650,5km o­ver fi­ve days be­t­ween P­let­ten­berg Bay and Gor­don’s Bay, e­vent or­ga­ni­sers are hap­py with the num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants and out­co­me of spec­ta­tors who en­joy­ed the acti­on in the wa­ves at the be­a­ches al­ong this ra­ce that se­pa­ra­tes the boys from the men. With on­ly four te­ams disqua­li­fied o­ver the ra­ce days, both man and ma­chi­ne we­re pus­hed to their li­mits. As the flag drop­ped on day one, the te­ams o­pe­ned their thrott­les and push their en­gi­nes for S­ta­ge 1 of the e­vent that en­ded at Mos­sel Bay - with a dis­tan­ce of 188,5km on wa­ter. S­ta­ge 2 kic­ked off on 29 De­cem­ber from San­tos Be­ach in Mos­sel Bay and te­ams tra­vel­led a dis­tan­ce of 86km, en­ded at Stilbaai. The day the­re­af­ter, te­ams ra­ced from Stilbaai with a dis­tan­ce of 161km, en­ded at S­truis­baai. On day four (31 De­cem­ber), the te­ams par­ti­ci­pa­ted in two sta­ges, one from S­truis­baai to Ui­len­kraals­mond, and from the­re to Gans­baai - tra­vel­led a to­tal of 111km. Fi­nal­ly, te­ams fa­ced the fi­nal s­ta­ge of this fi­ve-day ra­ce on New Y­e­ar, ra­ced be­t­ween Gans­baai and Gor­don’s Bay with a fi­nal s­ta­ge dis­tan­ce of 104km. The 2018/19 e­di­ti­on of the A­qui­la Sa­fa­ri Trans A­gul­has C­hal­len­ge will su­re be as en­ter­tai­ning for be­a­chgoers and spec­ta­tors as it will be a c­hal­len­ge for the com­pe­ti­tors. The A­gul­has will host its 32nd e­di­ti­on of the ‘wor­ld’s toug­hest bo­at ra­ce’, set for 28 De­cem­ber this y­e­ar, and in­fla­ta­ble bo­at ent­hu­si­as­ts are ur­ged to get ra­ce re­a­dy and ma­ke su­re they en­ter the Cape E­pic of bo­at ra­ces. • Fi­nal re­sults a­vai­la­ble on our web­si­te at www.suid­kaap­fo­

Te­am M44 with pi­lot Da­vid Bar­net and co-pi­lot T­jaart Oost­hui­zen. P­ho­to cre­dit: Hein­rich Sau­er

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