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‘DA should be safe in WC’


work with other smaller parties."

But, the latest polls show that the ANC may not need to enter into a coalition to remain in government as their support has climbed to between 47% and 48%. Allowing for a 3% margin of error, the ANC could still get the majority of votes.


DA party leader John Steenhuise­n caused a huge upset when he intimated in April that the DA may consider a coalition with the ANC to keep extremists out of government. Croucamp says the DA will be destroyed if the party works with the ANC. "About 400 000 of the DA's voters are actually Freedom Front Plus supporters and only vote for the DA to prevent the ANC or another party from taking over the Western Cape. These voters will never tolerate a coalition with the ANC. Seeing that the DA will never attract black voters, it cannot afford to lose their white voters. "Having said that, the DA should be safe in the Western Cape. According to polls, between them the ANC and the PA do not have 50% of the support."

He says the DA is very good at putting together a coalition of parties and keeping them together.


Croucamp says the country needs a turning point. "It has never been so bad.

It is much worse than under Jacob Zuma. Our foreign debt stands at 75% while the extended unemployme­nt rate is 42%. The supply lines and value chains of the economy are saturated by corruption. Ramaphosa's renewal idea has delivered nothing in five years. Nothing has improved. It has never been so bad." But he says it seems that this election won't be the turning point.

He says the ANC's recent growth in the polls is thanks to their massive footprint as ruling party in the country making it easy to up their profile and visibility. "They spread their ministers throughout South Africa and it's a relatively cheap campaign as they use the facilities of the state. The president arrives somewhere with his cavalcade and the minister of police flies in with a police helicopter. "But we must remember that in the last election only about 22% of eligible voters ended up voting for the ANC. The rest stayed at home. As Helen Zille says: You don't win the election on election day, you win it on registrati­on day."

Croucamp's ideal outcome of the election on 29 May would be if South Africans voted en masse to get rid of the ANC - at all levels of government. "We must get them out of the provinces as well. The ANC is past the Croucamp says because Ramaphosa got point of renewal. The ANC will never settle all his money through BEE, he doesn't for accountabi­lity. It's far too dangerous. The understand economic growth. "He never ANC will implode if individual­s are held had to compete for money... he doesn't accountabl­e." understand the complexity of the South He refers to the hundreds of politician­s African economy through value chains, who have been murdered at local risk taking and supply chains. He has never government level for a variety of reasons risked a rand to make a rand. The likeliness in the last number of years. Why? They are of growing the economy under him is identifiab­le and people know what they do remote." - good and bad. "No politician wants to be

He says we all know BEE must happen identified for what they are doing, for at the to correct the injustices of the past. lower levels accountabi­lity may mean death, "Morally it is a perfect policy, but in its and at the higher levels it means public current state it has become an entry point shame. We have to get the ANC out of the into the value chain and supply chain for system."

See the full interview with Croucamp on the Group Editors YouTube channel or on any of our websites under the “Video” tab.


corrupt individual­s. BEE individual­s come into the value chain via the supply chain without ever having to risk a rand and being competitiv­e in the value chain. That is why you get so much violence in the value chain - transport, mining, manufactur­ing because they cannot compete. Violence is the only way to maintain their position."

He says Ramaphosa's definition of BEE feeds this form of corruption. "It undermines the idea of risk taking and this architectu­re is the life blood of the ANC - a system of patronage between tenderpren­eurs and the ANC."

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