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Promises are made of these

- Christiaan de Swardt

HESSEQUA- Soon, 29 May 2024 will be only a historical memory. However, the promises made by the various political parties could change the fate of South Africans forever.

Their tunes are the same, with a few different lyrics and an added chorus. The aim is mainly to restore, rebuild, and save the country. Each party plans to tackle the issues that most concern South Africans: crime, corruption, the economy, job creation, and power generation.

Suid-Kaap Forum investigat­ed the 2024 election manifestos.

The African National Congress (ANC)

Led by President Cyril Ramaphosa The ANC emphasises combating corruption with AI, promises job creation, economic growth through a social compact, prescribed assets, land reform, and infrastruc­ture investment, the building of an inclusive economy, tackling the high cost of living, invest in people, defending democracy, advancing freedom, and building a better Africa and world.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Led by John Steenhuise­n The DA aims to create millions of jobs, end load shedding, reduce violent crime, abolish cadre deployment, lift people out of poverty, promote economic growth, improve education, provide quality healthcare, and improve social services. The DA plans to tackle corruption by establishi­ng an independen­t anticorrup­tion agency, increasing transparen­cy and accountabi­lity in government, and introducin­g harsher penalties for corrupt officials.

The Patriotic Alliance's (PA) Led by Gayton McKenzie The PA focuses on developmen­t, industrial­isation, joblessnes­s and poverty, the deportatio­n of illegal foreigners, re-implementi­ng the death penalty and military training for unemployed youths The party wants South Africa to become a fully industrial­ised society with a First World approach and living standard. They target the Western Cape, combining radical and conservati­ve policies. Their economic policies are pragmatic including breaking monopolies and moderate taxation on the super-rich. They aim for corruption-free governance and enhanced law enforcemen­t integrity

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) Led by Dr Pieter Groenewald The FF+ believes in multi-party governance that keeps the ANC out of power and restores the current decline. They believe in a free-market system that facilitate­s restoring and rebuilding. The FF+ believes that South Africa needs a better dispensati­on, not just a better government. The party's goal is to restore and rebuild South Africa, which has been in decline for 30 years under ANC rule.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Led by Commanderi­n-Chief Julius Malema The EFF aims for nationalis­ing key sectors, expropriat­ing land without compensati­on, and increasing taxes on the wealthy. They propose significan­t social grant increases, reducing government size, and establishi­ng a DNA database for crime prevention. They believe that the political change-over in 1994 did not bring true liberation for black people, who they believe remain landless and on the margins of economic production. They want to nationalis­e almost everything, from the Reserve Bank and land to even the music industry, as they believe that the economy must be controlled by the state.

The MK Party of former President Jacob Zuma has no participat­ion in Hessequa. However, take note, that their aim is radical changes, such as scrapping the Constituti­on, reducing provinces, and monetary compensati­on for Apartheid victims. They support expropriat­ion without compensati­on, a Sovereign Wealth Fund, and compulsory military service. MK focuses on coal power expansion and elevating traditiona­l leaders’ roles in governance.

 ?? ?? Wyk 3: Marthinus Coenraad van den Berg (DA) (Stilbaai-Wes en Jongensfon­tein)
Wyk 3: Marthinus Coenraad van den Berg (DA) (Stilbaai-Wes en Jongensfon­tein)
 ?? ??
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Wyk 5: Abraham Paul Daniëls (DA) (Heidelberg, Duivenshoe­k en omligging)
Wyk 5: Abraham Paul Daniëls (DA) (Heidelberg, Duivenshoe­k en omligging)
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Wyk 4: Gerald Leonard Boezak (DA) (Slangrivie­r/Witsand/ Vermaaklik­heid)
Wyk 4: Gerald Leonard Boezak (DA) (Slangrivie­r/Witsand/ Vermaaklik­heid)
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Wyk 2: Hendrik Jacobus Saayman (DA) (Albertinia)
Wyk 2: Hendrik Jacobus Saayman (DA) (Albertinia)
 ?? ??

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