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Trouble for another Zulu princess


ZULU King Goodwill Zwelithini’s daughter, Princess Ntandoyesi­zwe, has dumped her wealthy car-salesman husband and gone to live with her mom. That’s one version. But ask the princess what’s happening and she says: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her mother, Queen Mantfombi, added to the confusion on Friday.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you. I don’t know anything,” she told the Sunday Times.

The rumoured split was also news to the Zulu royal family’s spokesman, Prince Mbonisi Zulu.

“ I’ve been away overseas and I haven’t had time to find out what’s going on in the family.”

On Friday, the princess’s husband, Prince Oupa Moiloa, also denied that there were problems in the marriage.

“There’s nothing like that. She has not left me. She’s at home with me. I’m shocked and disappoint­ed by these stories.”

He said Ntandoyesi­zwe had gone back to her family home to visit and had returned to Randburg on Monday.

Moiloa insisted that she was at home, and not with her parents in KwaZulu-Natal — although the Sunday Times spoke to her there on Friday.

He said he knew that certain people were “spreading these rumours. There are no fights between us. Everything is good and there are no problems.”

But a royal insider said Ntandoyesi­zwe was happy to be home, and that her parents were supporting her decision to leave Moiloa.

“She’s been through a lot and has even lost weight. She isn’t happy with him and it doesn’t look like she’s prepared to work things out with him.”

Ntandoyesi­zwe apparently moved in with her mother, Queen Mantfombi, at the KwaKhangel­amankengan­e palace two weeks ago.

The insider said her father had personally fetched her from the Randburg townhouse she shared with Moiloa.

A member of the Zulu royal house this week confirmed that the couple were estranged.

“I’ve heard that things aren’t going well.”

The source said Moiloa had never been wholeheart­edly accepted into the royal family because of doubts about his ties to the Bahurutse royalty in North West.

“You hear stories from those close to him that cast doubt about his ties to royalty.”

Ntandoyesi­zwe is the second of Zwelithini’s daughters to return home after a failed marriage to a prominent person.

Three years ago, Nandi stormed out of her tempestuou­s marriage to a Tembu chief, Mfundo Mtirara, after a fall-out over his alleged infidelity.

Moiloa, 41, a wealthy businessma­n, charmed his way into the heart of the princess when they met at a small party in Beaufort West in the Western Cape several years ago.

 ??  ?? ROYAL WEDDING: Princess Ntandoyesi­zwe at her marriage to Oupa Moiloa Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN
ROYAL WEDDING: Princess Ntandoyesi­zwe at her marriage to Oupa Moiloa Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN

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