Sex for sale in sub­urbs — woman fights the sites

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● Danette War­bur­ton, who lives in Ger­mis­ton, knows she can’t erad­i­cate pros­ti­tu­tion in South Africa, so she is set­ting her sights on more ac­ces­si­ble goals.

She is tar­get­ing web­sites pro­mot­ing pros­ti­tu­tion on the streets of her sub­urb of Prim­rose on the East Rand. Her next goal is ad­verts on YouTube that show where to find pros­ti­tutes in the sub­urb.

Her first tar­get was street­pros­, which ad­ver­tised ser­vices in a street in her sub­urb. The site was shut down last year.

Her next tar­get was the web­site

This web­site of­fered tips for men on where to find the “cheap­est and eas­i­est street walk­ers” with spe­cific ad­dresses to find ladies of the night on street cor­ners in the Jo­han­nes­burg CBD, Prim­rose, Krugers­dorp, Hill­brow and Rose­bank.

The ac­count was taken down this week af­ter the Sun­day Times ap­proached the com­pany that hosted the site, Go Red Ro­bot, with ques­tions about

The site sug­gested the “com­mon price of R50” and praised the “cost of cheap sex” in Jo­han­nes­burg.

The ad­min­is­tra­tors also went to great lengths to keep po­ten­tial clients in­formed, and even sounded words of cau­tion.

“Krugers­dorp is highly un­der rated and al­most com­pletely un­known among the pussy rid­ing fra­ter­nity in South Africa which ex­plains the ab­sur­dity of **** prices, start­ing from R30 (less than $3 US) . . . You will not be **** the first team chear­lead­ers but rather the naughty crack ad­dicts that dropped out of school.”

It went on to share tips on how to catch a blesser who “takes care of” younger women, and ex­plained eti­quette for a date at a res­tau­rant. “[If] you are not sure what to One of the web­sites pro­mot­ing pros­ti­tu­tion (since taken down) of­fered “sugar babes” ad­vice on how to please their “blessers”. Un­der the head­ing “What to or­der at a res­tau­rant“it in­cluded tips such as: “Show your sugar daddy that he can take you out with­out feel­ing em­bar­rassed. Do it right and he will take you to more places. Act like a re­tard and he will not. You may be starv­ing and think that or­der­ing the su­per combo with chicken, steak, boere­wors and fish is a good idea, af­ter all, you can get a take­away and eat it later, right? No. Does not work that way. Be rea­son­able. Don’t or­der chicken be­cause you will have to smear it all over your face. Avoid sushi un­less you are wear­ing black, soy sauce will mess and you will get it on your top. Do not overorder be­cause it makes you look like a greedy guts. You are try­ing to con­vince your daddy that you are so­phis­ti­cated, not that you are des­per­ate. Zu­lus and all good meateat­ing folk do not eat bot­tom feed­ers like prawns or oys­ters, so avoid those. If you have never eaten sushi be­fore then ask for veg­e­tar­ian sushi so that you don’t get stuck with raw fish on your plate that makes you want to throw up.” or­der, just ask your sugar daddy what he is or­der­ing, then pick some­thing sim­i­lar. Re­mem­ber the con­doms!”

Ad­ver­tis­ing sex ser­vices on­line is il­le­gal, said Do­minic Cull of the In­ter­net Ser­vice Providers As­so­ci­a­tion. If com­plaints were made and the site was hosted from within South Africa, the in­ter­net provider would re­move it, he said.

Ver­lie Oosthuizen, an at­tor­ney at Shep­stone & Wylie, said these sites were tech­ni­cally il­le­gal be­cause pros­ti­tu­tion was still a crim­i­nal act.

“In­ter­net ser­vice providers do not have an obli­ga­tion to mon­i­tor for un­law­ful/il­le­gal con­tent as this would be im­prac­ti­cal.

“How­ever, if un­law­ful ac­tiv­ity on a web­site is brought to their at­ten­tion they must take the con­tent down or lose their leg­isla­tive im­mu­nity in terms of sec­tion 73 of the Elec­tronic Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and Trans­ac­tions Act,” said Oosthuizen.

She said it would be hard to charge the cre­ators of such sites as it was not clear if they were prof­it­ing from it. This cre­ated a le­gal loop­hole to cre­ate sites ad­ver­tis­ing sex ser­vices.

Peter Rolfe, who reg­is­tered the do­main name (he is not the con­tent provider), said he did not think it was il­le­gal to regis­ter names of sites that were later used to pro­mote pros­ti­tu­tion.

Rolfe said he searched the web­site (which ranks web­sites) to see how pop­u­lar the site was. It was ranked 49 131 in South Africa.

“The well-ad­ver­tised­vel­ is ranked 828 in South Africa,” he said.

Cull said if any­thing on­line was il­le­gal or in­fringed con­sti­tu­tional rights, and was hosted in South Africa, it could be taken down with­out the need for ex­pen­sive lawyers or the courts.

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