Sunday Times - - Puzzles - By Trivia Tom

1. On which con­ti­nent would you find the coun­try of Ecuador?

2. Name the venue, sit­u­ated in south­west Lon­don, of the world’s most fa­mous ten­nis tour­na­ment.

3. He’s a stand-up co­me­dian who fa­thered a child with Spice Girl

Mel B. He starred in the films

“48 Hrs”, “Trad­ing Places” and “Bev­er­ley Hills Cop”. Who is he?

4. Which film fea­tures Bill Mur­ray as a weatherman who wakes up ev­ery morn­ing and it’s the same day?

5. What name links a 1933 movie about a crea­ture from Skull Is­land — Hitler’s favourite film — to the tile of an ac­claimed 1959 South African jazz mu­si­cal?

6. Which ob­ject would you find on the Uruguayan, Ar­gen­tinian and Malaw­ian flags? A) Tree, B) Moon, C) Sun, D) Ea­gle

7. In which board game might you win sec­ond prize in a beauty con­test?

8. Cape Town’s roads Buiten­gracht, Heeren­gracht and Keizen­gracht all con­tain “gracht”. What does the Dutch word “gracht” mean? A) Canal, B) En­joy, C) Greek, D) Pa­rade

9. Which mu­si­cian has had hits with “… Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I did it again”?

10. Which band links the fol­low­ing mem­bers: Tito, Jackie, Jer­maine, Michael and Mar­lon?

11. Os­teo, rheuma­toid and in­fec­tious are three types of which med­i­cal con­di­tion?

12. Which snack is also an in­ter­net term for a small piece of data stored by the web browser that can as­sist a web server to iden­tify and track a user?

13. Gruyère cheese is made from the milk of which an­i­mal? A) Cow, B) Goat, C) Sheep, D) Horse

14. Cyrus the Great, who died in 529BC, was the leader of which great em­pire? A) Per­sia, B) Greece, C) Baby­lon, D) Carthage

15. Which South African poet wrote the words for “Die Stem”?

16. What was the pen name of Eric Arthur Blair? A) Ernest

Hem­ing­way, B) Ge­orge Or­well, C) Mark Twain, D) HG Wells?

17. Which med­i­cal con­di­tion in­volves the acute swelling of the mem­branes around the brain and spinal cord? It lit­er­ally means “in­fla­tion of the mem­branes” in Greek.

18. In which coun­try is the soc­cer club Ben­fica based?

19. Which clas­si­cal com­poser wrote the mu­sic for the bal­lets “Romeo and Juliet”, “Peter and the Wolf” and “Cin­derella”?

20. Name the for­mer prime min­is­ter of Italy who was as­sas­si­nated by Red Brigade ur­ban guer­ril­las in 1978.

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