Sunday Times - - Puzzles - By Trivia Tom

1. How many cen­time­tres are there in a me­tre?

2. What is the first name of Michael Dou­glas’s fa­ther (he’s turn­ing 102 on De­cem­ber 9)?

3. What is the cur­rency of Botswana?

4. Which coun­try made the first manned space flight?

5. Which ruler was stabbed to death in 44BC in Rome?

6. He was the “Break­through DJ of The Year” at the DJ Awards in Ibiza in 2015 and played at Coachella in 2016. He’s ar­guably SA’s most out­stand­ing elec­tronic mu­sic pro­ducer — this all de­spite a paral­ysed left arm. Who is he?

7. The 1986 con­certs “Live Aid” raised money for famine in which coun­try?

8. What “D” is the unit of mea­sure­ment of sound in­ten­sity (specif­i­cally unit of sound pres­sure level)?

9. What “S” is an in­ter­net term, orig­i­nat­ing from a Monty Python sketch, that refers to un­so­licited email?

10. In which of the fol­low­ing cities is there NOT a Guggen­heim mu­seum? A) New York, B) Venice, C) Bil­bao, D) Lon­don

11. What is the na­tion­al­ity of de­signer Jimmy Choo? A) Chi­nese, B) Malaysian, C) Ja­panese, D) Ital­ian 12. Which ac­tor has been mar­ried to Madonna and Robin Wright?

13. In which coun­try would you find the tourist re­gion known as the Al­garve?

14. The air­line Eti­had is from which coun­try? A) UAE, B) Qatar, C) Malaysia, D) Oman

15. What fruit is also known as the Chi­nese goose­berry? A) Grape­fruit, B) Kiwi fruit, C) Per­sim­mon, D) Apri­cot 16. In what lan­guage might a per­son greet you (in the morn­ing) with, “Kal­imera!”

17. With which play­wright would you as­so­ciate the plays “Oedi­pus Rex” and “Atigone”? A) Euripi­des, B) Aristo­phanes, C) Tele­clei­des, D) Sopho­cles

18. Which fa­mous South African au­thor lived at 9 Cross Street in Cradock?

19. He’s won more Grand Tours than any­one else (11) and more Grand Tour stages (64); what na­tion­al­ity was cy­clist Eddy Mer­ckx? A) Aus­tralian, B) Bel­gian, C) Ir­ish, D) Mal­tese

20. What is the max­i­mum num­ber of rounds in a modern pro­fes­sional box­ing match (since the 1980s)? A) Eight, B) Ten, C) Twelve, D) Fif­teen

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