Ja­son Tsha­bal­ala

Sunday Times - - Insight Looking Back -

Tsha­bal­ala, an Umkhonto weSizwe op­er­a­tive, be­gan pro­tect­ing Man­dela on his visit to Lusaka in 1990

I re­mem­ber Madiba be­ing very dis­ci­plined. One of his grand­sons came home and when Madiba asked him how school was he said he had lost part of his uni­form. Madiba said, “No, this is not ac­cept­able.” So what he did was he took him and he made him stand in the gar­den hold­ing a blan­ket as a pun­ish­ment, for al­most an hour. I saw him just stand­ing there with his arms out hold­ing this blan­ket. I asked, “What hap­pened?” And he said, “Un­cle Ja­son, Grandad is pun­ish­ing me be­cause I lost my uni­form.”

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