Sunday Times - - Opinion - Why don’t you sup­port the in­quiry? You your­self helped with that, didn’t you? Didn’t you know he was a crim­i­nal?

We do, we’re fully be­hind it. But we see [SARS com­mis­sioner Tom] Moy­ane fac­ing two sep­a­rate tri­als, yet the is­sues are the same. It’s not good for the im­age of jus­tice when peo­ple think a per­son is sub­ject to dou­ble jeop­ardy.

In­quiry chair Judge Nu­gent has ex­am­ined this ar­gu­ment and says it is non­sense.

He’s a judge, he’s le­gal­is­tic and tech­ni­cal. We’re ap­peal­ing to the po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship not to turn po­ten­tial mon­sters into he­roes who are seen by the peo­ple as be­ing vic­timised. We’re re­peat­ing the same mis­take we did with Zuma. Yes, be­cause we saw him be­ing vic­timised. Only when we got ex­posed to the real is­sues we knew there was no vic­tim here, there was just a thug.

How do you rec­on­cile your im­age as an an­ti­cor­rup­tion cam­paigner with at­tempts to de­lay the SARS in­quiry?

I’m not de­lay­ing any­thing. You are go­ing to speed up this thing in a reck­less man­ner that is go­ing to cost the tax­payer. You are go­ing to be taken on re­view. Look at [deputy NPA boss Nomg­cobo] Jiba to­day. If you’re go­ing af­ter a cor­rupt in­di­vid­ual you have to fol­low ev­ery step of the law in or­der to avoid a come­back. Once you deal with Moy­ane in a fair man­ner, he takes us on re­view, he loses, he pays the costs. If we’re go­ing to be clumsy, seek­ing to im­press the me­dia, we’re go­ing to be made to pay.

You’re not afraid of what the in­quiry might un­cover?

Ev­ery­one knows my story, I walk naked.

You mean us­ing the pro­ceeds of crime to set­tle your tax bill?

I never used the pro­ceeds of crime, and you are be­ing dis­re­spect­ful in your tone. Go and check my sub­mis­sion to SARS. I said this guy [Kyle Phillips] came and said he’ll lend me R1-mil­lion. I didn’t know that. Is he a con­victed crim­i­nal?

His com­pany was in­volved in fraud, to­bacco smuggling, money laun­der­ing . . .

If we’re go­ing to de­scribe some­one as a crim­i­nal even be­fore a court of law has ar­rived at such a de­ter­mi­na­tion, then what is the use of hav­ing the courts?

What about money you re­ceived from his busi­ness part­ner, self­con­fessed crim­i­nal Adri­ano Maz­zotti, to reg­is­ter the EFF?

Yes, that was in 2014.

An an­ti­cor­rup­tion party started with the pro­ceeds of crime?

They’re not the pro­ceeds of crime un­til a court of law says so. Not you. And no­body brought this to our at­ten­tion when we were reg­is­ter­ing our party. When we were fight­ing Zuma they never cared to re­mind us that Zuma is be­ing fought by a party that was formed by the pro­ceeds of crime. You’re hyp­o­crit­i­cal. We thank Maz­zotti for hav­ing given us money, oth­er­wise Zuma would still have been pres­i­dent of this coun­try. No one would have given the EFF money to reg­is­ter be­cause they would have been vic­timised by the Zuma gov­ern­ment. Maz­zotti was brave enough to say: ‘Here’s the money.’

So you think it’s OK to ac­cept the pro­ceeds of crime?

As long as they’re not de­clared pro­ceeds of crime by a court of law, we will ac­cept them.

EFF leader JULIUS MALEMA says Pres­i­dent Cyril Ramaphosa must sus­pend the SARS in­quiry. Chris Bar­ron asked him . . .

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