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Sunday Times - - Puzzles - By Trivia Tom

This week’s theme is “is­lands”.

1. What is the name of the cricket test team com­prised of mul­ti­ple (mostly) is­land na­tions of the Caribbean?

2. Mount Etna, the Mafia, son­nets and Op­er­a­tion Husky are all as­so­ci­ated with which is­land?

3. Which pi­rate char­ac­ter has been por­trayed by Robert New­ton (1950), Or­son Welles (1972) and Jack Palance (1999) in film adap­ta­tions of Robert Louis Steven­son’s “Trea­sure Is­land”?

4. Jerk chicken orig­i­nates from which is­land na­tion? A) Mau­ri­tius, B) Pa­pua New Guinea, C) Ja­maica, D) Cor­sica

5. A drink com­pris­ing gin, tequila, rum, vodka, triple sec and cola is known as a “Long Is­land …” what?

6. What “I” is an English word, taken from the Latin for is­land, that re­fers to a per­son or thing that is cut off from its sur­round­ings?

7. Which of these nov­els was not set pre­dom­i­nately on an is­land? A) “Lord of the Flies”, B) “Papil­lon”, C) “Robin­son Cru­soe”, D) “Gone with the Wind”

8. Which two coun­try singers had a num­ber one duet with “Is­lands in the Stream”?

9. Which Caribbean is­land was the birth place of Bob Mar­ley?

10. Which TV game show hosted by Jeff Probst in the US and Nico Pana­giotopou­los in SA fea­tures teams of con­tes­tants ma­rooned on a re­mote is­land who com­pete for re­wards and im­mu­nity from be­ing voted off?

11. On which of the fol­low­ing is­lands did French im­pres­sion­ist Gau­gin spend a large part of the last decade of his life? A) Tahiti, B) Fiji, C) New Cale­do­nia, D) Guam

12. Who di­rected the 2010 film “Shut­ter Is­land”? A) Aaron Sorkin, B) Michael Mann, C) Kathryn Bigelow, D) Martin Scors­ese

13. The coun­try of Brunei sit­u­ated on the is­land of Bor­neo, only bor­ders one coun­try. Which one? A) Malaysia, B) Pa­pua New Guinea, C) In­done­sia, D) Philip­pines 14. What is the cur­rent name of the is­land orig­i­nally known as Van Diemen’s Land?

15. Through which is­land did im­mi­grants to Amer­ica have to pass en route to New York (from 1892 to 1954)?

16. Name the is­land where Napoleon Bon­a­parte was born.

17. Who wrote the sci-fi novel “The Is­land of Dr Moreau”? A) Lau­ren Beukes, B) HG Wells, C) Arthur C Clarke, D) DH Lawrence

18. A par­tial core melt­down of which US nu­clear power plant in 1979 is the worst nu­clear power ac­ci­dent in US his­tory?

19. The islets of Langer­hans are found in which or­gan? A) Pan­creas, B) Brain, C) Lungs, D) Small in­tes­tine

20. On which is­land would you find the Snae­feld Moun­tain Course — the old­est mo­tor-rac­ing course in the world? An­swers on this page

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