The slang the­saurus for those old enough to re­mem­ber dial-up

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Big d*ck en­ergy / b-IG di-k eh-NUR-gee /

1. Noun A less so­phis­ti­cated, cer­tainly more mil­len­nial way of say­ing some­one has con­fi­dence and swag­ger. If you have “big d*ck en­ergy”, you do what you want, you play by your own rules and you are cool AF.

Ex­am­ple: “I re­ally like Hlubi, she has such big d*ck en­ergy.”

Al­though the phrase makes ref­er­ence to male gen­i­talia, any­one of any gen­der can have “big d*ck en­ergy”. It ties in to the idea that if a man has a size­able man­hood, he’s more con­fi­dent than his less-en­dowed coun­ter­parts. So ba­si­cally to have “big d*ck en­ergy” is to carry one­self as though one has a third leg.

This tweet by @very­fawny sums it up: “Frida Kahlo slept with the woman her hus­band cheated on her with. That’s the epit­ome of big d*ck en­ergy.”

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