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Ruby grape­fruits are par­tic­u­larly good this sea­son and make a mar­malade with a beau­ti­ful bur­gundy hue.

MAKES 3 x 400g JARS

1kg ruby grape­fruit 2.5 litres of wa­ter Juice of 1 lemon 800g (4 cups) sugar

Halve the fruit and squeeze out the juice into a large 4 litre bowl or non-metal­lic con­tainer. Us­ing a tea­spoon, re­move all the mem­brane from the fruit and dis­card, sav­ing the pips; tie them in a square of Su­per­wipe cloth. Slice the peel ei­ther thick or thin de­pend­ing on your pref­er­ence, then add to the grape­fruit juice with the wa­ter and the bag of pips and soak overnight. The next day bring ev­ery­thing to the boil and sim­mer for about 2 hours un­til peel is re­ally soft, and the liq­uid is re­duced by half. Squeeze all the liq­uid from the bag of pips and re­move. Add the sugar and stir over low heat un­til dis­solved then in­crease the tem­per­a­ture and boil rapidly un­til set­ting point is reached. Pour into jars while hot, fill­ing right to the top, and seal im­me­di­ately.

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