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How did an ar­chi­tect and a cre­ative di­rec­tor end up mak­ing mir­rors to­gether?

I met Jen at her wed­ding re­cep­tion. I then did some work for her on her other busi­ness, Damn Good Look­ing, and it was a great fit. [WD]

We both worked alone on our busi­nesses and it seemed like a great idea to work with some­one for a change. As we come from very dif­fer­ent realms of the de­sign world, bring­ing those skills to­gether was a no­brainer. [JB]

What dif­fer­ent skills do you each bring to the party?

Jen is an ar­chi­tect and with that comes her bril­liant and prac­ti­cal brain. With­out her, none of our mir­rors would even stand up. I drive her crazy by think­ing up com­pli­cated and ter­ri­fy­ing de­signs and then she has to work out how to make them. [WD]

Wendy is amaz­ing at the brand­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions side of things. While we have dif­fer­ent skills, part of what has been so much fun is the over­lap where we work to­gether on what­ever needs de­sign­ing. [JB]

Why mir­rors?

Mir­ror as a ma­te­rial is re­ally in­ter­est­ing to us. It’s a func­tional prod­uct found in ev­ery­body’s home — we want to take some­thing that has ex­isted in the same way for so long and turn it into art. [WD]

The best thing about work­ing with mir­rors? They are prac­ti­cal and func­tional but also beau­ti­ful, thanks to their ca­pac­ity for re­flec­tion. I love the odd glimpses and weird an­gles you get from them. [JB] And the worst?

Clean­ing, pack­ag­ing and ship­ping. [JB]

What’s the story be­hind the name?

Our phi­los­o­phy is that you need to em­brace the bad and go with it, as some­times good ideas come from bad ones. So Stay Evil Kids is our ad­vice to chil­dren ev­ery­where [laughs]! [WD]

You have great names for your col­lec­tions too. First there were Dirty Mir­rors and now Death Be­comes Her. Tell us more

Our new col­lec­tion is mostly made up of nat­u­ral stone: gran­ite, mar­ble and quartz. Gran­ite is typ­i­cally used for head­stones on graves, which in­spired the name Death Be­comes Her (from the cult com­edy with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep). Dirty Mir­rors came up when we were talk­ing about the things your mir­ror re­flects when you are up to no good; the things you do when you think you are alone. What if you had a mir­ror that cap­tured some of that per­son­al­ity and char­ac­ter? What would it look like? [WD]

The best place you’ve seen one of your mir­rors?

In New York — a high­light for me. [WD]

A prod­uct you’d love to work on one day? Light­ing, the po­ten­tial of com­bin­ing re­flec­tions with a light source. [JB] What­ever it is, it needs to be tiny and easy to make and ship. Made from im­pos­si­bly solid ma­te­rial and make us lots of money. Any ideas? [WD]

Ar­chi­tect Jen­nifer Bradley and cre­ative di­rec­tor Wendy Dixon cre­ated Stay Evil Kids, a con­cep­tual art and prod­uct de­sign stu­dio. We find out about their new ven­ture and the re­lease of two beau­ti­ful col­lec­tions of mir­rors

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