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Thabiso Zulu, a for­mer ANC Youth League leader and key wit­ness at the Mo­er­ane com­mis­sion into po­lit­i­cal killings in KwaZulu-Na­tal, says it was a white­wash. CHRIS BAR­RON asked him …


Peo­ple in strate­gic po­si­tions in the com­mis­sion were sup­posed to have in­tegrity and noth­ing that taints them. But, for ex­am­ple, the head of in­ves­ti­ga­tions, a re­tired po­lice brigadier, was the head of de­tec­tives in the prov­ince be­fore he was sec­onded to the com­mis­sion.

So what?

Many of these po­lit­i­cal killings hap­pened un­der his watch. They were not solved un­der his watch. Then he is ex­pected to solve them when he’s in the Mo­er­ane com­mis­sion. The sec­re­tary of the com­mis­sion who we were ex­pected to sub­mit doc­u­ments to, his com­pany is cited in some of those doc­u­ments. What is also wor­ry­ing is you have as the head of the com­mis­sion some­one who led an­other com­mis­sion, al­most sim­i­lar to this, where many peo­ple were killed over Christ­mas in the lower South Coast, and that re­port was never re­leased.

Why not?

We don’t know, but we be­lieve cer­tain peo­ple were be­ing pro­tected, as al­ways. Most of these com­mis­sions will not re­lease their re­ports or if they do they will black out cer­tain things. In the Mo­er­ane com­mis­sion they’re not even ad­vo­cat­ing for any­one to be pros­e­cuted.

Who ap­pointed the mem­bers of the com­mis­sion?

Our un­der­stand­ing is that it’s the premier and his cabinet.

Are you sug­gest­ing they had a vested in­ter­est in its com­po­si­tion?

I may not say that, but in many com­mis­sions politi­cians will ap­point peo­ple they have a way of di­rect­ing where to look, what to look for and what to write at the end.

Is that what hap­pened here?

We never thought so at first. But out of the re­port that we have, we are very wor­ried. We be­lieve that some­how the com­mis­sion­ers have been com­pro­mised.

Who is be­ing pro­tected?

The po­lit­i­cal killings in this prov­ince in­volve very se­nior politi­cians and very pow­er­ful peo­ple within the po­lice.

ANC politi­cians?

Ob­vi­ously, be­cause most of the peo­ple that have been killed are our own mem­bers as the ANC.

And these politi­cians are be­ing pro­tected?

Se­nior peo­ple are be­ing pro­tected. There are so many things we told the com­mis­sion that are not part of the rec­om­men­da­tions.


We said let se­cu­rity com­pa­nies be vet­ted, be­cause most of the hit men are hid­den there.

Do the se­cu­rity com­pa­nies work for the politi­cians?

Most of them. Some are even owned by the politi­cians. They’re like pri­vate armies of the politi­cians. The body­guards they travel with dur­ing the day are their hit men at night.

So the killings will con­tinue?

The things caus­ing these killings have not been ad­dressed. Is­sues of cor­rup­tion, is­sues of greed, is­sues of peo­ple that are re­port­ing cor­rup­tion not be­ing pro­tected, and even that cor­rup­tion not be­ing fol­lowed up …

The po­lice min­is­ter said they’re clos­ing in on po­lit­i­cal killers.

A few foot sol­diers. Where are the politi­cians who order them, where are the mas­ter­minds?

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