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Howto... Fix your seden­tary work life

- — Mar­garet Har­ris Lifestyle · Lifehacks

● Sit­ting in front of a computer screen all day is bad for us, and we know this, but are un­able to es­cape our seden­tary work lives.

Monja Boon­zaier, who teaches Feldenkrai­s, a method of ex­er­cise that aims to re­or­gan­ise con­nec­tions be­tween the brain and body, warns much of the “ad­vice” to counter the ef­fects of sit­ting all day is wrong. She has some ad­vice:

● Dy­namic sit­ting (ex­er­cises that can be done in a chair) can help to counter the dam­age done by sit­ting all day. "We rec­om­mend arm and wrist stretches, do­ing side bends to the left and right to stretch the lower back, and do­ing glute stretches like lunges or swing­ing each leg for­ward and back while stand­ing. You should also reg­u­larly roll your feet, rock your pelvis back and forth, shift your weight to the left and right of your seat, and press each ear to your shoul­der.”

● These ex­er­cises take a few min­utes and can be re­peated once an hour. “Ideally, peo­ple should also get up from their desks and walk around every hour too.”

Linda Trim, a di­rec­tor at work­place de­sign spe­cial­ists Giant Leap, who has worked with Boon­zaier, warns that the dy­namic sit­ting pro­gramme does not re­place your ex­er­cise regime.

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