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BRAIN test

- By Trivia Tom

1. Which num­ber is rep­re­sented by D in Ro­man Nu­mer­als?

2. Which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment was the sub­ject of the film that won three Os­cars in 1994? A) Clar­inet, B) Piano, C) Gui­tar, D) Flute

3. By what name is the prac­tice of for­mal hand­writ­ing known?

4. In which Shake­speare play does the line “To be or not to be, that is the ques­tion” ap­pear?

5. In lit­er­a­ture, what was the sur­name of Ja­cob and Wil­helm who wrote many fairy tales to­gether?

6. Who re­leased the al­bum “4:44” in re­sponse to his wife’s al­bum “Lemon­ade”?

7. Roughly how many feet are there in a nau­ti­cal mile? A) 1,000, B) 2,000, C) 6,000, D) 10,000

8. What is the na­tion­al­ity of for­mer F1 driver Nel­son Pi­quet? 9. Who played Basil Fawlty in “Fawlty Tow­ers”?

10. Great Bri­tain de­clared war on Ger­many af­ter Ger­many in­vaded which coun­try in 1939?

11. What was the name of the Amer­i­can ex­pres­sion­ist artist and early ex­po­nent of the tachisme or ac­tion paint­ing style whose life was de­picted in a 2000 film star­ring Ed Har­ris?

12. What colour is found in the mid­dle of the Ital­ian flag?

13. Which coun­try’s sec­ond-largest city is Man­dalay?

14. Which coun­try in­vented short­bread?

15. Who was the out­go­ing US pres­i­dent when Ron­ald Rea­gan took of­fice?

16. An­thony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Josh Klinghof­fer and Flea are all mem­bers of which band?

17. What African an­i­mal takes its name from the Turk­ish for “black ear”? A) Chee­tah, B) Cara­cal, C) Jackal, D) Hyena

18. Which South African all­rounder has topped both the ICC Test bat­ting and bowl­ing rank­ings — the only per­son to have done so? A) Jac­ques Kal­lis, B) Mike Proc­ter, C) Aubrey Faulkner, D) Ed­die Bar­low

19. Which “BK” played Franken­stein’s mon­ster in the 1931 film “Franken­stein”?

20. What “Q” is a word mean­ing “traitor”; it is de­rived from a Nor­we­gian wartime leader who col­lab­o­rated with the Nazis dur­ing World War 2?

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