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Hair talk

Wrap­ping your head around all the hair colour­ing tech­niques can get quite con­fus­ing. Nail your hair lingo with our guide

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1 Bal­ayage (ba-lee-yage)

Bal­ayage, mean­ing “to sweep” or ”to paint” in French, gives the hair nat­u­ral, grad­ual high­lights through­out by free-hand paint­ing hair dye onto the strands.

2 Som­bré (som-brey)

If the harsh colour edges of the om­bré tech­nique aren’t for you, som­bré or sub­tle om­bré may be. It still gives the hair a dye job that has darker roots and lighter ends, but these are seam­lessly blended with no sharp colour tran­si­tion.

3 Flam­boy­age (flam-boy-yage)

Ever wanted hair that didn’t look no­tice­ably high­lighted or coloured? Flam­boy­age uses both the om­bré and bal­ayage tech­niques to paint colour into tiny sec­tions of hair, over trans­par­ent ad­he­sive strips, for sub­tle peek-a-boo strands of colour.

4 Baby lights

The baby lights tech­nique in­volves the paint­ing of colour strand by stand or onto tiny sec­tions of hair to cre­ate a more di­men­sional colour— think sun kissed, nat­u­ral locks.

5 écaille (e-kai-yi)

This tech­nique, mean­ing tor­toise­shell in French, blends a com­bi­na­tion of colours such as caramels, var­i­ous browns and blondes, to cre­ate a colour that is sub­tle, rich and catches the light.

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