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- By Linda Shaw

CE­LESTE SHARP Feb 23 1979, Pre­to­ria, 07h15 Sun sign: Pisces Moon sign: Capri­corn Ris­ing Sign: Pisces

It’s only be­cause you’re so ex­tra­or­di­nary that the uni­verse ex­pects so much from you. And though that may not feel like much of a con­so­la­tion prize, you might think about re­ar­rang­ing your fu­ture plans ac­cord­ingly. It’s true — your life is largely about per­sonal sac­ri­fice for the greater good. But that’s no rea­son why you shouldn’t have a good time while you’re at it. You don’t need to take on any more than you can han­dle. And it’s re­ally im­por­tant that you save at least some of your time for your own needs. Once you recog­nise that you are just as im­por­tant a part of the hu­man race as any­one else you’ll start to give your­self a break. Ei­ther way, the next few years are about dis­cov­er­ing – and ex­plor­ing – your real pow­ers.

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LI­BRA Sep 23 - Oct 22

The great thing about this week is that noth­ing much is hap­pen­ing be­fore Fri­day. Un­til then, you’re sen­si­tive, in­tu­itive, won­der­fully com­mu­nica­tive and gen­er­ally hav­ing a great time. Think of this as an op­por­tu­nity to catch your breath and make some new plans. Even the money mar­kets are tak­ing a short break. Fri­day, not so much. That’s when your per­sonal planet takes a six-week break. No need to fret.

SCOR­PIO Oct 23 - Nov 21

Con­vinced you’re one of the more im­pres­sive su­per­heroes? Gaz­ing into the mir­ror and lov­ing what you see? Ex­cel­lent. Wal­low in your own fab­u­lous­ness for a while. All the re­ally great plan­ets are in your sign — and do­ing as they’re told. And you, for once, are be­ing com­pletely hon­est with­out any need for that bru­tal cru­elty you can some­times slip into.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 22 - Dec 21

For the first time in ages, you can com­pletely trust your in­stincts. They’re on your side — of­fer­ing fun and ad­ven­ture, with­out that in­evitable need for catas­tro­phe on the way down. How about mak­ing some fi­nan­cial moves? Just try not to an­noy any­one im­por­tant this week, with that big mouth. A fas­ci­nat­ing new jour­ney has al­ready been di­arised. Be calm un­til the de­tails are re­vealed.

CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

Have you been ar­gu­ing with ev­ery­one who cares about you? And is there any rea­son for that, aside from fear and ba­sic in­se­cu­rity? Yes, you were born to be a leader. But how that plays out de­pends very much on your def­i­ni­tion of con­trol. Try work­ing with your own nat­u­ral tal­ents — and weird habits. The more you like your­self — and what­ever you have to of­fer — the more oth­ers will be keen to fol­low in your wake.

AQUAR­IUS Jan 20 - Feb 18

Just be­cause you’re rush­ing about like a dervish doesn’t mean your ba­sic needs should be ne­glected. Not even you can cope with­out reg­u­lar food and the oc­ca­sional shower. Be­sides, you’ll prob­a­bly need help soon, so start look­ing for suit­able can­di­dates. When you need a break, take an­other look at the love life. Ask your­self whether you’re happy with your choices.

PISCES Feb 19 - Mar 20

You know, be­ing “nice” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Some­times you’ll need to toughen up just to get the job done. Ei­ther way, the plan­ets are mess­ing with your head now, so you’re not com­pletely sure of your choices. No mat­ter. Un­til fur­ther no­tice tell ev­ery­one to back off and leave you alone. Then lis­ten closely to the whis­pers un­til some­thing starts to make sense.

ARIES Mar 21 - April 19

Have you been mak­ing noisy de­mands and gen­er­ally driv­ing ev­ery­one ba­nanas? Take a cold shower and calm down. You’re be­ing driven by re­ally pow­er­ful en­er­gies now. So be­fore you cause any real trou­ble, take note: the idea is to lead with charisma, sen­si­tiv­ity and planned de­ci­sions. You are not re­quired to set fire to the op­po­si­tion on your way out. Re­mem­ber — some peo­ple want you home in one piece.

TAU­RUS Apr 20 - May 20

You’re not com­pletely over the hump yet – but you’re man­ag­ing the weird­ness much bet­ter than ex­pected. But just to make sure you stay com­pletely sane, how about get­ting a ther­a­pist? Or a life coach? These cop­ing skills don’t al­ways ar­rive on cue — and some­times even a bull as tough as you needs a lit­tle help. Re­mem­ber, there are cre­ative al­ter­na­tives.

GEM­INI May 21 - June 20

Re­la­tion­ships, sud­denly, are on full alert. You’ve done your very best to an­noy ev­ery­one you know — and now your chick­ens are com­ing home to roost. So if you’re ready to play nice, tip­toe gen­tly around ev­ery­one who has stuck around. It’s not al­ways about be­ing right. For now, it’s about a will­ing­ness to com­pro­mise. Not every bat­tle is worth los­ing a friend­ship for.

CAN­CER June 21 - Jul 22

Write down your dreams — and any sud­den flashes of in­spi­ra­tion. They don’t come back, you know. The plan­ets will be talk­ing specif­i­cally to you for a while, so make the most of any new in­for­ma­tion com­ing your way — no mat­ter how pe­cu­liar the source. And be ready to open up to a com­pletely dif­fer­ent you. Who knows? You might even pre­fer this ver­sion of your­self to the last one. And wouldn’t that be fun?

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 22

Okay, so your pound­ing lit­tle heart is bro­ken. Mourn if you must. Write sad po­etry and read it out to the clouds. But don’t kick any ac­tual peo­ple out just yet. Re­mind your­self that your rules for ro­man­tic be­hav­iour aren’t nec­es­sar­ily the same as theirs — and they may be to­tally un­aware that you’re up­set. Ei­ther way, wait un­til mid-Novem­ber be­fore shout­ing the odds.

VIRGO Aug 23 - Sep 22

What a fab­u­lous sur­prise! All those friends you’ve worked so hard to cul­ti­vate are gath­er­ing round to help you out. There’s sup­port, en­cour­age­ment, and a row of open doors. Take your pick. Just keep an eye on your di­ary, though. It has a ten­dency to over­flow at this time of year, leav­ing you with fraz­zled nerves and a very dated hairdo. So bud­get your time.

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