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Langa Mavuso, mu­si­cian

- KwaZulu-Natal · Gabriella Wilson

Langa Mavuso’s ideal sound­track

No two week­ends are the same. My days vary — some­times I’m in re­hearsals in the af­ter­noons, or I’m driv­ing to stu­dio, or sound-check­ing for a show. I could be sit­ting on my big yel­low couch at my small apart­ment with my friend, dream­ing of to­mor­row as if to­day isn’t filled with the sweet­est flow­ers and bless­ing of a new dawn.

One habit that never changes, re­gard­less of the day, is that the first thing I do ev­ery morn­ing is look at my phone (bad, I know). I want to check how much the world’s missed me while I was sleep­ing.

And then I say a short grat­i­tude prayer. The prayer can be long, but some­times it’s shorter than nor­mal due to my ter­ri­ble morn­ing habit (too much time on the phone). Af­ter that I’ll ei­ther have a very big break­fast or have break­fast on the go when the days are busy.

Evenings are usu­ally when I’m ei­ther sing­ing to my sup­per or sing­ing for my sup­per. Jokes aside, I do have a lot of shows at night so I’m usu­ally play­ing at a show.

I tend to record new mu­sic

in the evening be­cause one of my pro­duc­ers has a day job so we can only work dur­ing the evenings. My best songs usu­ally come be­tween 4pm and 11pm or su­per early in the morn­ing.

Ide­ally, my per­fect week­end would be spent at Not­ting­ham Road in the Mid­lands Me­an­der. It’s a beau­ti­ful and peace­ful place in KwaZulu-Natal. I use a ter­ri­ble cel­lu­lar net­work and I won’t change it be­cause I love that I have no cov­er­age when I’m in rel­a­tively re­mote ar­eas. I have no net­work in that area of the Mid­lands and I love it. The Mid­lands is a great place to re­con­nect with your­self, but it’s also filled with many in­ter­est­ing ac­tiv­ity ar­eas in the sur­rounds, like horse-rid­ing and zip-lin­ing trails. SA is beau­ti­ful. I love ex­plor­ing it.

The best com­pany on a per­fect week­end? There are two peo­ple: ei­ther my­self or a ro­man­tic part­ner.

On the per­fect week­end I would prob­a­bly in­dulge in a mush­room risotto and I would have it at one of the lovely res­tau­rants in How­ick look­ing off the gorge and take the How­ick Falls gorge walk af­ter­wards.

The per­fect read is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav be­cause I love to take ad­van­tage of times when my mind is ripe and ready to be in­spired for pos­i­tive change.

When­ever I’m in places that aren’t sim­i­lar to Jo­han­nes­burg, I find my­self in a very in­tro­spec­tive state that is cou­pled with this yearn­ing to be bet­ter and do bet­ter. Books that in­spire and help in­cite clar­ity or rein­vig­o­ra­tion of pas­sion for pur­pose are usu­ally best for these times.

The sound­track for a good week­end is Zoe Modiga, Langa Mavuso (yes, me), Jhene Aiko, Jaime Woods and H.E.R. Any­thing sooth­ing that feels like a hug be­cause I love mu­sic that touches my spirit.

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