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The slang the­saurus for those old enough to re­mem­ber dial-up




Noun Some­one who thinks that they are be­ing edgy and sub­ver­sive by be­ing con­trar­ian in their opin­ions and be­hav­iour. Ex­cept they’re not be­ing as in­ter­est­ing or bound­ary-break­ing as they think. Ba­si­cally, a lot of us when we were teenagers.

A prime ex­am­ple is Trump-era Kanye West, who thinks that be­ing a black man who sup­ports Trump and says that slav­ery was a choice makes him an in­de­pen­dent thinker. This tweet sums it up per­fectly: “Kanye, a 41-year-old man, is go­ing through that 15-year-old edgelord phase where you think you’re re­bel­lious by be­ing ‘con­tro­ver­sial’ and play­ing devil’s ad­vo­cate but in re­al­ity you’re just an a ***** e.“(@Yedlin)

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