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Quotes on fra­grance

- Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

Per­fume is a dis­guise. Since the Mid­dle Ages, we have worn masks of fruit and flow­ers in or­der to con­ceal from our­selves the meaty essence of our hu­man­ity. We ap­pre­ci­ate the sex­ual at­trac­tant of the rose, the ripeness of the or­ange, more than we hon­our our own ripe car­nal­ity. Tom Rob­bins, au­thor

Per­fume is born of both plea­sure and pain. It en­velops the neck and reaches deep into the heart of rec­ol­lec­tion with­out no­tice. Mar­ion Ben­deth, global fra­grance ex­pert

Odours have a power of per­sua­sion stronger than that of words, ap­pear­ances, emo­tions, or will. The per­sua­sive power of an odour can­not be fended off, it en­ters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, im­bues us to­tally. There is no rem­edy for it.

Pa­trick Süskind, au­thor Ev­ery man gives off a scent and that scent tells you how to act be­fore your head does. Alek­sandr Solzhen­it­syn, au­thor

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