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A jour­ney of 1,000 steps be­gins with a start-up:

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The word “start-up” an­noys me, prob­a­bly be­cause I as­so­ci­ate it with mil­len­nial hip­sters try­ing to find ways of mak­ing money on the in­ter­net with­out ac­tu­ally work­ing, but also be­cause I can’t find any def­i­ni­tions. When does a com­pany stop be­ing a “start-up” and be­come an “es­tab­lished”? Well, it turns out there are no def­i­ni­tions, but you’d be sur­prised at some of the start-up suc­cess sto­ries — there are some pretty weird ones out there.


This is lit­er­ally a busi­ness where you pay $10 and they send you some­thing. It could be any­thing. Sun­glasses, a nov­elty desk drum set, a watch, a box of choco­lates, home decor... so if you’ve got a few bucks to burn and like sur­prises, do it.

Loot Crate

I’m a gamer and if there’s one thing gamers love in videogames, it’s open­ing boxes of loot. Some ge­nius thought we’d like do­ing it in real life too – and they were right. Loot Crate ships boxes filled with ran­dom stuff such as fig­urines, posters, branded wal­lets, games and so on to nerds around the world — who seem to love it.

Ship Snow Yo

A Bos­ton-based cou­ple won­dered if they could make money sell­ing the snow they had to sea­son­ally shovel off their drive­way – and, sure enough, they could, for a sur­pris­ing amount too. I know you don’t be­lieve me, so just go to the web­site and check it out. I have no words.

Potato Par­cel

Print a greet­ing or a photo on a potato. Se­ri­ously, that’s the idea. I would never have agreed to fund this if I were an in­vestor, and I’d be kick­ing my­self af­ter­wards. I’m start­ing to think peo­ple will buy any­thing.


Want to break a bad habit? How about a wristwatch that shocks the crap out of you when you do some­thing you shouldn’t? I’m not sure it knows what you’re do­ing, but if you fancy find­ing out, buy one.

Ge­netic Ink

Want to show what you’re made of? Then how about get­ting your DNA turned into art you can hang on your wall. I’m pretty sure Jeff Dah­mer did that with some of his vic­tims — but in this case you can send a cheek swab to Ge­netic Ink, choose a colour scheme and they’ll send you a can­vas with an “artis­tic” rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your DNA on it.

 ??  ?? Snow­man in a box, from $109,99.
Snow­man in a box, from $109,99.

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